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Welcome to Offpeakcycling!

Cycling is a wonderful sport.

We believe that biking should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of race, nationality and age. The health benefits of cycling are overwhelming both physically and mentally.You can be a leisure rider, a mountain biker or a road biker, cycling gives us a feeling of freedom, delight and excitement. Cycling is also considered to be one of the best cardiovascular workouts in the planet. Compared to other sports, cycling is low impact that is why it is an ideal workout when recovering from injuries. Cycling is also one of the best ways to explore the city and to have a wonderful bonding time with family and friends.

Our team in Offpeakcycling offers various cycling products to make your riding experience more enjoyable, comfortable and fun.

We strive hard to find the right products to suit the needs of every cycling enthusiast. We want to help make this world a happy place by way of cycling and sharing our riding experiences.

Have a safe ride guys!

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